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Understanding anxiety and how counseling can help in Bloomfield


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Trouble in a marriage, problems at work, stress about politics – there is plenty to be worried about these days. Many times, the source of concern is something that is out of our control. In some cases, anxiety can be a normal and healthy response, as it can make individuals more aware of their surroundings, increase focus, or enable them to break through a rut. However, in other cases, anxiety can become overwhelming and disrupt a person’s daily life, health, and relationships. Counseling Associates, a professional group of therapists, has helped countless Bloomfield area clients manage anxiety.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is often referred to as the feeling of “fight or flight” in a stressful situation. When anxiety is related to a specific event, it can motivate you to prepare more, do better, or protect yourself. Individuals who experience this type of anxiety can sometimes manage it with deep breathing or consciously trying to change their thoughts – imagining a tough meeting going well, visualizing themselves crossing the finish line of a hard race, or thinking through a difficult conversation are all common at home exercises.

When anxiety becomes difficult

However, sometimes anxiety is not triggered by a specific situation, it happens frequently, or the person simply can’t resolve it on his or her own. When the body experiences symptoms of frequent anxiety it can cause headaches, insomnia, loss of appetite, upset stomach, or panic attacks. When anxiety becomes so overwhelming that it interferes with daily activities, it is time to get help.

Professional counseling helps patients learn how to cope with anxiety. However, just as anxiety triggers are different for everyone, coping methods also vary. A therapist makes suggestions and can also help patients practice ways to relieve stress. If there is a life situation at the root of unease, discussing it with a therapist can keep anxiety from escalating.

If you live in the Bloomfield Hills area and would like more information about how to keep anxiety from controlling your life, call Counseling Associates today.

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