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When West Bloomfield residents should seek counseling for depression


Counseling for Depression from Dr. Sidney H. Grossberg, Counseling Associates
When depression strikes, you may feel as though it’s just a short-term period of sadness. You may feel you can overcome it on your own. Unfortunately, depression can become a serious issue that requires professional help. If you believe you are suffering from depression, counseling may be beneficial. At Counseling Associates in West Bloomfield, you can visit our professionals to discuss your concerns and decide if medication management is appropriate alongside someone to talk to.

Feelings of depression

If you are experiencing continued feelings of sadness, you may be dealing with depression. While it’s normal to be sad at times, long periods of sadness that greatly affect your day-to-day life may signify a serious issue. Depression can lead to thoughts of suicide, self-harm, and can lead you to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol. If you find yourself thinking that way, you should contact a professional for assistance in coping with depression. Signs you may need help:
  • If sadness has been ongoing for two weeks or longer.
  • If you are a caretaker for a child, parent, or someone with special needs on a daily basis with signs of depression.
  • If sadness is causing you to experience continued sickness.
  • If your feelings cause you to miss many days of work or school.
  • If your physical health is being affected by stress and sadness.
  • If you are losing interest in activities that once used to bring you joy.
  • If you are self-medicating with alcohol or drugs.
  • If you have had thoughts of harming yourself or others.
  • If you find it difficult just to get out of bed in the morning.
  • If your friends and family members have expressed concerns about you.

Counseling Associates is here to help. Contact us today to get started with depression counseling. We can be reached by calling (248) 626-1500.

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