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Adults seek compassionate therapy for anxiety and depression

There are various reasons a person may feel anxious or depressed. Going through a divorce, the death of a loved one, being fired from a job, and other trials in life can leave one feeling sad, nervous, lonely, scared, or anxious. The feelings are normal reactions to stressful times in life. However, sometimes the feelings occur daily for no apparent reason and make it difficult to function. This could be a sign of anxiety, depression, or both. Fortunately, there is compassionate therapy available at Counseling Associates.

Our therapists are highly skilled and have extensive expertise in treating various conditions. A major depressive episode may include the following symptoms:
  • Feeling worthless, guilty, or helpless

  • Feeling hopeless or pessimistic

  • A persistent sad and anxious mood

  • Fatigue

  • Decreased energy

  • Concentrating, remembering, and making decisions becomes more difficult

  • Insomnia, oversleeping, or early-morning awakening

  • Overeating and weight gain or low appetite and weight loss

  • Irritability and restlessness

  • Persistent physical symptoms that do not respond to treatment such as digestive disorders, headaches, and pain for which no other cause can be diagnosed

  • Loss of interest or pleasure in activities, including sex

Major depression involves at least five of the aforementioned symptoms for two weeks. Persistent depressive disorder can continue for two years. It involves the same symptoms as major depression but is not as severe.

It is important to recognize the symptoms of depression and anxiety, so you know when to seek professional help. Feeling agitated and overwhelmed by physical symptoms such as a pounding heart, difficulty breathing, and tightness in the chest are signs of anxiety. Those who are diagnosed with anxiety and depression tend to have more impairment in their day-to-day activities, more trouble finding the right treatment, and a higher risk of suicide.

Have you experienced any symptoms of anxiety or depression? There is no need to suffer any longer. Help awaits you. Call our friendly and caring team at our West Bloomfield office today at (248) 626-1500. At Counseling Associates, we help children, teenagers, and adults work through the difficult times of life.
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