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Not happy in your career? Focused counseling in West Bloomfield, MI may help you identify why

At Counseling Associates, we seek to assist people through the multitude of feelings and situations they may encounter at different times in their life. Therapy is not only beneficial for the person who is grieving or for the couple who has struggling to manage the stresses of family life, but many of our clients visit us for what is more similar to life coaching. We call this supportive therapy.
There are a number of reasons that supportive therapy may be sought. Statistics show that one-third of adults in our country are not happy with their life as it is currently. What we often find as we talk with clients is that their career is a main source of frustration. While counseling may or may not enable you to identify if you are in the right career, talking about your hopes and expectations can set you in a positive direction.
Specific career counseling does exist for individuals who want to follow a path better suited to their specific traits. This type of support may involve personality tests, as well as assessment of interests, talents, and abilities and a "match-up" of which careers are well suited to existing traits. In many cases, it is not so much that a person wants to change careers altogether but that he or she simply wants to feel a greater sense of satisfaction with life as a whole. Because work makes up a larger portion of our existence, therapy may focus on this area to make positive gains.
Supportive therapy may be the step that helps you make progress in the area of productivity that you haven't felt you could make on your own. Perhaps you have done things a certain way for years (as most of us do) and you now find yourself floundering as changes have occurred in your workplace or career. Working with your therapist, you can learn strategies and gain skills that will enable you to function at an optimal level. The better you feel about your performance in the workplace, the greater your sense of satisfaction will be.
Dissatisfaction in any area of life is the catalyst for positive change. Though it may not feel like it, your frustrations are pushing you in a direction that could align your reality with your aspirations, values, and needs.
We all deserve to feel satisfied with the life we have made for ourselves. If you struggle to find that, we can help. Schedule your visit with Counseling Associates today.

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