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Benefits of individual therapy for the overly stressed in the West Bloomfield area

Who doesn't have at least a little stress in their life? To say that stress is a natural part of American life would not be cliché. Because we are so familiar with the term, and the physical and emotional toll that everyday stress takes on us, we may feel immune to its effects. The truth is, however, that the degree of ongoing stress in a person's life can cause numerous issues for emotional and physical wellbeing. The way that we naturally react to perceived pressures can literally steal our health, increasing our risk for:
  • Changes in appetite
  • Insomnia or excessive fatigue
  • Depression
  • Decreased intimacy
  • Decreased productivity
  • Chronic headaches or aches and pains
  • Heart attack, ulcers, and stroke
There are countless reasons we can become chronically stressed. What affects one person may be completely different from another. Perhaps you are working in a job or environment that does not bring you joy. Maybe you are struggling with a divorce or with troubled teenage children. Even something as positive as getting married or moving into a new home can cause stress.
Because we will have a reaction to these life experiences, it is natural that we will feel stress every now and then. The question is not whether or not we can avoid stressful situations but how we manage the stress in our lives. Managing stress has become a booming industry that offers everything from medications to meditations for stress reduction.

The benefits of individual therapy for stress management

We have to admit that without stress, life would be rather dull. There are health benefits to stress, such as realizing our capabilities. For many people in the West Bloomfield area and well beyond, however, there is a perception that stress is something that should be easily managed without help. This expectation can lead to self-medicating or worse.
Seeking the listening ear of an experienced therapist has worked wonders for millions of people facing stressful events in life, or those who have been affected by minor but chronic stress. In addition to providing a safe place in which you can discuss the issues causing your stress, your therapist can offer suggestions on methods of stress management that can improve your peace of mind.
The therapists at Counseling Associates in West Bloomfield have years of educational training and experience. We can help you find relief from the chronic stress weighing you down. Call (248) 626-1500 to schedule a consultation in our welcoming practice today.

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