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You are not alone in your grief and loss. Your West Bloomfield therapist can see you through.

Loss is an experience that can send you into a state of upheaval. You may find it difficult to grasp the numerous conflicting thoughts that float through your mind on a daily basis. Grief may feel like extreme sadness, anger, confusion, and even relief. For many people, a muddled mixture of feelings occur as the loss is processed along a continuum that may seem as though it will not end. At Counseling Associates, we understand that your journey through loss is all your own.

Every person is different in the way that they manage emotions. The way that one responds to any type of loss will be unique to them. We grieve the loss of a number of things:
  • A longstanding job or title (as well as its income)
  • A spouse or loved one
  • A pet
  • A relationship
  • A dream or goal; the life we thought we would have
  • Health and wellness

Is it acceptable to grieve?

In these situations and many others, it is perfectly normal - and acceptable - to grieve. We understand that you may feel as though you may need to "be strong," whether for yourself, children, or to maintain a certain image. However, crying and fear are two very normal responses to loss. Many people find that showing their true feelings is actually a help to those around them.
What is needed during times of bereavement is support. While it is helpful to lean on friends and family, you may find there is immense benefit in working with a therapist with whom you feel comfortable discussing your feelings. Often, the therapeutic process begins with helping you identify what you are feeling before you can develop healthy coping mechanisms that will return you to a satisfactory and fulfilling life.
There are a number of ways to manage the feelings that come with grief and loss. We are here to help you regain balance in your life. Take the first step toward healing today by calling Counseling Associates.

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