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What is the process of treating postpartum depression in West Bloomfield?

The "baby blues;" we've all heard of them and many new mothers have experienced the temporary sadness, anxiety, and mood swings that occur after bringing home their bundle of joy. When a new mother has the baby blues, she may lose her appetite or experience crying spells. She may have trouble sleeping and may feel generally overwhelmed. The truth is these feelings are common for many women in our fast-paced, high-achieving society. The pressure to be a good mother can be so intense that a new mom has unrealistic expectations of herself.

Baby blues or postpartum depression

What is important for the new mother and her loved ones to do is understand there is a difference between the baby blues and postpartum depression. The therapists in our West Bloomfield practice encourage mothers who feel sad, numb, or depressed more often than not to know they can talk with someone about their struggles. There is no judgment that depressive feelings after childbirth are somehow "bad."
Postpartum depression occurs in only about three in one thousand women. The effects of this condition can be serious and treatment should be sought if a new mother experiences:
  • Lack of interest in her baby
  • Inability to function or care for herself or her baby
  • Intense depressive feelings
  • Intense sadness or anger in the months that follow childbirth
  • Thoughts of self harm or of harming her baby
Talking with a therapist experienced in treating postpartum depression can enable a new mother to make sense of her feelings and to navigate her depressive state in healthy ways. A therapist offers not only compassion but also sound advice on reducing the stress of parenthood. Postpartum depression will affect every woman differently. Based on the severity of feelings, self-care and additional support may be recommended. Many women find that getting extra help from a spouse or loved one allows them some downtime to take a hot bath or catch up on much-needed sleep. The coping skills learned in therapy are also beneficial for empowering the new mom during times in which stress can mount.
Counseling Associates offers understanding and compassion where it is needed, and we work with patients individually to facilitate the change needed to improve outlook and quality of life. To discuss postpartum depression, call (248) 626-1500.

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