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Services offered by a counselor in the 48322 zip code area

At Counseling Associates, we help clients in and around the 48322 zip code. We know that treading through life with certain issues can weigh heavily on one’s overall health and wellness, which is why we offer therapy options for individuals, couples, and children. We have a number of services readily available for new and existing clients in our practice to help foster better emotional well-being. Below is just a small sample of what Counseling Associates has to offer:

Individual Therapy

Therapy can be a great way for individuals to overcome personal issues that may stem from abuse, neglect, or other problems that have happened recently or in the past. Dr. Sidney Grossberg is a counselor who can help clients understand the way their past reflects on their present and future, and give them the tools they may need to overcome barriers in their lives.

Marriage Counseling

Couples counseling is a wonderful option for those who have been muddling through their marriage and feel as though it is crumbling. Marriage counseling can also be started at the beginning of the marriage to help build a healthy relationship between partners for a lifetime of rewards!

Substance Abuse

We offer individual therapy and group therapy for clients who are overcoming substance abuse issues and are seeking assistance in overcoming their addictions to drugs and alcohol.

Child Therapy

Children and even adolescents need to know that they are protected, loved, and cared for. Some children have trouble dealing with certain emotions they may experience throughout their lives, or may need psychological help to address mental health concerns. Our team is experienced in handling children and teenagers who need help getting on the right path in life and assistance in dealing with the many feelings that come with maturing.

At Counseling Associates, we welcome new clients into our practice. We offer assistance in addressing emotional concerns within families, overcoming learning disabilities, and providing a voice for children in custody and parenting issues. If you are interested in seeking care licensed by the Michigan Department of Public Health, we recommend you contact us today to book a consultation appointment with our counselor, Dr. Sidney Grossberg.
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