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The benefits of relationship counseling available to couples in the West Bloomfield area

According to leading marriage experts, couples wait an average of six years before addressing problems within their relationship with a skilled therapist. When you look at this statistic against another, which shows that fifty percent of all marriages last no longer than seven years, it is plain to see that most people spend far too long being unhappy in their relationship.
What is relationship counseling?
Marriage and relationship counseling involves a couple meeting with a licensed therapist experienced in providing mental health services with a focus on interpersonal relationships. This therapist will meet with a couple to help them resolve conflict in a compassionate manner. Sometimes, relationship counseling involves only one partner, and can still be effective in the accomplishment of relationship goals.
There are many benefits of relationship counseling
Couples in the West Bloomfield area are served by an experienced staff at Counseling Associates. Our therapists have advanced training and many of them have participated in the development of literature pertaining to relationship counseling.
With relationship counseling, it is possible to make the changes you wish to see in your relationship. The counseling environment is safe and supportive, allowing couples to identify and discuss the behaviors, issues, and feelings that are impacting their relationship. During the course of therapy, our job is to help couples gain a better understanding of one another and of themselves so that positive change may occur.
Your qualified therapist can provide you with the coaching needed to develop healthy skills that will improve your relationship, such as:
  • Communicating needs clearly and appropriately
  • Communicating better in general
  • Arguing in ways that are healthy within the context of the relationship
  • Productive problem solving and conflict resolution
  • Expressing and resolving painful emotions appropriately
  • Working through unresolved issues
  • Negotiating to obtain positive relationship changes
It takes hard work to institute positive change in a troubled relationship. Counseling is not a quick fix. No such thing exists. The effort that you and your therapist put into your relationship, however, can produce a wealth of understanding that enriches a relationship and the lives of each individual involved.
Don't wait to address issues in your relationship. Call Counseling Associates at (248) 626-1500 today.
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