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Group Therapy for Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse West Bloomfield - Group Therapy for Substance Abuse Group Our lives can be shaped by our experiences in groups. Throughout our lives, we may join groups. We can influence as well as be influenced by cultural, social, religious, and family groups. These groups can shape our self-image, behavior, and physical and mental health. At Counseling Associates, we have found many benefits of group therapy for people struggling with substance abuse. Our clients will find a safe environment and highly skilled counselors to help them achieve healthier and happier lifestyles. According to the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, group therapy can:
  • Provide positive peer support and pressure to abstain from substances of abuse. When group members do fail to attend, it can be disappointing to the group and reduce its effectiveness. Therefore, support and pressure for abstinence is strong.
  • Reduce the sense of isolation some people may experience. Group members can identify with others who are struggling with similar issues. For many, participating in group therapy can increase their feeling of security and enhance their ability to share openly.
  • Provide feedback concerning the values and abilities of other group members. By receiving feedback from others, group members can improve self-conceptions or modify distorted conceptions.
  • Offer family‚Äźlike experiences. Groups can provide the support and nurturance that may have been lacking in group members' families. The members may be provided the opportunity to practice healthy ways of interacting with their families.
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  • Add needed structure and discipline to the lives of people with substance use disorders. Group therapy can establish limitations and consequences, which can help in learning to clarify responsibilities.
  • Enable individuals who abuse substances to witness the recovery of others. When people see others in the group recover, they can gain hope that they, too, can maintain abstinence. This can provide a sense of, "If they can make it, so can I."

Are you struggling with substance abuse? You are not alone. The team at Counseling Associates understands the complexity of addictions. We can help you set goals that promote empowerment for sobriety. Take the first step toward recovery by calling (248) 626-1500 today.
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