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In marriage counseling is where to seek advice about your future

There's an interesting view towards therapy in general, and marriage counseling in particular. Though many spouses may recognize they need to see a counselor, they don't really want to. It's kind of like seeing the dentist. Even if you realize you will likely leave the office feeling a whole lot better, you expect an uncomfortable process which you prefer to simply avoid.

Due to this subconscious attitude towards the unknown as it pertains to the therapeutic process, many couples avoid seeking marriage counseling, instead seeking advice from friends, family and, unfortunately, even strangers. Before deciding to see a counselor, some wait so long that they question if they should instead simply see a divorce lawyer. If you find yourself wondering if you should see a counselor to discuss the issues within your relationship, please do not wait. Marital problems do not tend to simply pass, even if that seems to be the case.

Entering counseling for your marital woes sooner rather than later allows you and your spouse to more quickly address and move past the frustrations, hurt, and anger that exists in your marriage. Without the assistance of an unbiased party committed to the needs of you and your spouse as well as your marriage, it is possible that bitterness and resentment will become the norm in your relationship, making it harder to move forward in a positive direction together.

Marriage counseling can be successful even for couples who have let anger and frustration become routine in their relationship. In therapy, we can not only explore individual frustrations but also take specific steps that create positive change, ending hurtful patterns by first identifying them. In many instances, the therapeutic process has helped couples achieve such gains that divorce is a subject taken off the table altogether.

What can be learned in marriage counseling

There are numerous advantages to addressing concerns in a therapeutic setting rather than on a night out with friends. At Counseling Associates, we can help couples:
  • Take a different approach to exploring problems
  • Learn how to identify and resolve conflict in a positive manner
  • Improve communication as a way to enhance the quality of interactions.
  • Clarify reasons to renew their commitment to their marriage or, in contrast, identify the need to separate.

Though a therapist is not going to "take sides" as a friend may, the advice provided by an experienced professional can make an enormous difference in the way you interact with your spouse. Call (248) 626-1500 to schedule a consultation at Counseling Associates in West Bloomfield.
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