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In-house psychiatrist helps West Bloomfield MI clinic fulfill your needs

There are more than 24,000 psychiatrists in the U.S. Of those, 300 reside right here in the Detroit metro area. Before you entrust your well-being to such a medical specialist, it’s important to know what a psychiatrist does.

Clearing up misconceptions

Due to the similarities in name, “psychiatrist” is often confused with “psychologist.” While psychiatrists and psychologists often work together, a psychologist is not able to, by law, write the prescriptions for medications that manage diagnosed conditions. Psychiatrists have completed medical school and have earned either an “MD” or “DO.” Counseling Associates’ on-staff psychiatrist, can prescribe medications to meet each client’s unique needs.

As with other medical doctors, psychiatrist complete a 4-year psychiatry residency. Like their psychologist colleagues, they may specialize in any number of areas – from addiction psychiatry to geriatric psychiatry. Psychiatrists must pass both an exam to become licensed medical doctors, and another exam to become licensed in psychiatry.

A psychologist is uniquely qualified to help patients navigate their thoughts, feelings, and other mental health-related issues. Psychologists also undergo extensive training; undergraduate degrees in psychology are followed by advanced master’s and oftentimes doctorate degrees in psychology. Hands on experience is also required before a psychologist can be licensed in a respective state.

Many professionals, working together

You’ll notice that each of Counseling Associates’ professionals has at least a couple of specialty areas under his or her name. You can find dozens of specializations under one roof, from substance abuse and geriatric issues to behavioral problems and mood disorders. Some of these specializations represent additional class time and exams for psychologists to attain state licensure.

While both types of professionals are Doctors, the psychologists at Counseling Associates make recommendations to our psychiatrist, should they believe a patient can benefit from medications. Our psychiatrist can then make suggestions regarding varying diagnoses or treatments, but Counseling Associates’ clients always start with a counselor first. It should be noted that our psychiatrist only treats clients aged 18 and older.

All this said, while psychiatrists are concerned about your overall well-being, their training and skills are primarily geared toward identifying and addressing disorders such as chemical imbalances. Due to their mix of medical school and additional years in psychiatry residency, these professionals are uniquely qualified to understand the complex interrelationships between the mind and physical health.

With significant depth and breadth of expertise, including an in-house psychiatrist, your West Bloomfield MI Counseling Associates are able to fulfill your every need for therapy and treatment. Call (248) 626-1500 to speak with an experienced and compassionate referral specialist.

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