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Counselors near Birmingham, Michigan that can help with marriage counseling

Dr. Sidney Grossberg and the team of professionals at Counseling Associates near Birmingham, Michigan welcome new clients into their practice to speak with counselors who are here to help. Sometimes the road through life can be difficult, especially when our clients are dealing with marriages that seem as though they are falling apart. Many times, the issues stem from miscommunication or lack of communication.

Marriage has its ups-and-downs, and anyone who has been through decades of matrimony with their loved ones will be able to vouch for the difficulties that can occur throughout the years. For some of our clients, seeking a marriage counselor before or during their marriage may be one way to keep their relationship strong and healthy. It can allow communication to flourish and give each spouse the chance to see what makes the other “tick.” Some clients decide that visiting a marriage counselor is necessary when problems begin. No matter when our clients choose to seek counseling, we can help in walking them through the process of healing and working on their relationship.

Marriage counseling is nothing our clients should ever feel embarrassed about. Many marriages hit “rough patches” and by working with a dedicated counselor such as Dr. Sidney Grossberg, many of our couples find relief and begin to understand the complexities of their own personal relationships. When it feels as though everything is falling apart, we can help all these pieces make sense and work with our clients to try to rebuild what brought their marriage together in the first place. In addition to helping with marriage counseling, we are also ready to assist with other issues that may be existing with marital troubles including drug and alcohol abuse. We are licensed in the state of Michigan to provide counseling services to those who need it, and we have accreditation through national organizations.

If you reside in or around the Birmingham, Michigan area and are interested in learning more about marriage counseling and other therapy services through Counseling Associates, contact our team today to book a consultation appointment.

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