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Anger management with the help of counseling associates in West Bloomfield

Everyone feels angry at one time or another. Feeling anger is a common occurrence. For most, anger is a fleeting emotion, one that will dissipate as quickly as it came on. For others, anger can become consuming. When anger becomes all-consuming it can affect every aspect of your life: your relationships, your job, and your home. At Counseling Associates in West Bloomfield, we are experienced in helping our clients work through anger issues.

Our counselors focus on helping our clients recognize the signs of anger, work through them and learn to control any challenges that may occur. Our goal is to tackle the emotional feelings of anger as well as the body's physiological response.

During anger management counseling, you can expect to work through the following steps:
  • Becoming more in tune with your emotions. By focusing on the way you feel when anger creeps up, you can begin to control your reactions such as taking the time to stop, think, and cool down before acting upon those feelings.
  • Identifying common triggers that may lead to outbursts. By understanding what triggers your anger, you can begin to develop a plan for expressing your emotion in an appropriate manner.
  • Being able to express the reason WHY you are angry.
  • Learning how to avoid situations that are common triggers.
  • Developing a plan to focus on the positive emotion in your life. You can improve your mood drastically by honing in on positive feelings rather than anger or frustration.
  • Taking ownership of the anger. This is done by beginning to discuss the feelings in terms of "I" and not "you."
  • Learning how to forgive and move forward in some situations.

Our anger management counseling is done in a positive, caring environment that allows our patients to freely work through their emotions and learn how to find peace in their life. If you feel like anger has a grip on your life, give us a call today and allow us the opportunity to help you work through it.

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