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Your West Bloomfield therapist offers compassionate bereavement care

The way each of us processes the feelings and stages of loss is unique to our own situation. Regardless of the type of loss, it is normal to struggle and cope with the transition you have been forced into. Bereavement is an experience that the therapists at Counseling Associates in West Bloomfield have helped many families get through. We understand how to help you.

A personal process for each of us

Grief is not as straightforward as it may seem. Every person does not go from 1 to 10 through specific stages. More often, the case is that grief is processed in a cyclical fashion. Manifestations of grief may occur over the course of months or years. Anticipated or not, loss creates a sense of uncertainty. In general, normal life is pointedly disrupted and there may be an urge for re-evaluation. While this can be frightening to some degree, it is also a necessary part of moving forward and relating to the world around us without the person or relationship we once had.

Support is an essential part of healing from loss. In addition to the presence of friends and family, therapeutic support sees you through the bereavement process regardless of how long it takes. Some of the goals bereavement therapy can achieve include:
  • Helping you come to terms with loss.
  • Identifying and expressing sorrow, guilt, anger, anxiety and fear.
  • Moving forward in living without the person or relationship that has been lost.
  • Facilitating and allowing the expression of grief.
  • Exploring coping mechanisms and discussing how to cope in a healthy manner.

The intent of bereavement therapy is not to usher you quickly through the process. A compassionate therapist can work with you for as long as you need to realize and express the often messy feelings that sprout after loss. Contact Counseling Associates in West Bloomfield today to schedule your consultation with one of our knowledgeable therapists.

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