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Change through addiction counseling in West Bloomfield begins with a tough decision

When entrenched in drug addiction, the idea of sobriety may seem unlikely and even unappealing. Even when drug use is causing major complications with relationships, employment, and self-worth, making the decision to fight through an addiction can be frightening and incredibly difficult. Most people understand that recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is not easy, requiring commitment through setbacks, pitfalls, and temptation. If there is any consideration of addiction counseling in West Bloomfield, you can feel confident that something inside of you is ready to change.

The decision for change

Anytime we are facing a change, especially a major life change, the first step is always the hardest. Making the decision to address drug addiction with counseling can cause conflicting feelings ranging from empowerment to panic. Though change can require consistent work, know that you are not alone when you enlist the help of loved ones and a skilled addiction therapist to stand by you as you take control of your life.
Some of the changes that are required to move on from drug addiction include:
  • The people you spend time with
  • Your methods of coping with stress
  • How you spend your free time
  • Your perception of yourself
Before entering the therapeutic process, and even throughout, it is normal to wonder if you are capable of overcoming addiction. Addiction therapy can be a long process, one that requires a great deal of commitment. Due to the need for ongoing commitment and motivation, support is necessary. A compassionate therapist who understands the nature of addiction and low self-worth provides a safe setting in which feelings can be discussed. The experienced professional also encourages positive change through the creation of new habits and thought processes.
As you make you way to and through therapy, it helps to:
  • Make small, attainable goals
  • Think about the positive effects that come from this change, such as feelings of self-confidence
  • Ask for support from those you trust
  • Give yourself the understanding and love that you want from others
Counseling Associates in West Bloomfield provides the highest quality of care for those facing the emotional and physical effects of drug or alcohol addiction. Our therapists have the specific skill set that can move patients forward into a healthy new life that they love.
Call today to schedule a consultation with one of our friendly, professional therapists.

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