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When visits with a child psychologist can help families near West Bloomfield

Child Psychologist West Bloomfield - Child PsychologistAt Counseling Associates in West Bloomfield, we are here to support children and families in times of need.

Looking for clues

The problem that parents face is knowing when their child needs outside help. Not wanting to overstep boundaries or, in many cases, not wanting to "label" their child, parents may feel apprehensive about scheduling therapy. Clues that it is time to take that step may include:
  • A child may ask to "get help" or "talk with someone" about the feelings he or she is having.
  • Bad days outnumber the good. When there seems to be more strife and arguing than communicating and getting along, it may be time to schedule child or family counseling with a qualified therapist.
  • Changes in behavior. All kids change as they go through the various stages of development. However, when a child's emotional state and behavior change abruptly, there may be a need to address the underlying cause. A child who has become very isolated, who has lost interest in school or social activities, or whose grades have dropped dramatically may be facing some unresolved emotional issues.

Trusting your gut

Parents have an intuition about their children that is usually spot-on. When children are younger, they naturally receive more attention. As they grow, it is easier to lose track of their day to day behaviors. If a "gut feeling" develops, listen to it.

We want you to know . . .

Taking your child to a psychologist or licensed therapist does not mean that they are "bad" or "troubled." It does not mean you are failing as a parent. The fact that you have noticed red flags means that you are engaged and interested in your child's well-being.

Therapy may be short-lived, necessary only to help your child through a difficult situation. In many cases, improvement occurs very quickly. Ongoing counseling can help parents maintain the skills they need to see their children through future stages of development.

Empower yourself, your child, and your family with compassionate counseling services. Call (248) 626-1500 today.

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