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Reasons a child can benefit from meeting with a counselor

It often takes time for children to adapt to change. A divorce, death of a loved one, or move can be stressful for children. They may experience a range of feelings that are confusing. At times like these, children may benefit from meeting with a professional counselor. The team at Counseling Associates understands how to help a child recognize and express his or her feelings. We provide gentle and compassionate care to children and their families. How do you know when children may need professional counseling? The following are signs professional counseling may need to be explored:
  • Children feel angry all the time. Children may take the anger out on other children or adults by shouting, biting, and hitting. Children may often fight with siblings at home.

  • Children feel worried or anxious. They may worry about their parents when they are not home. They may worry about death of loved ones, their parents hurting them or each other, or relocating.

  • Children feel guilt or a sense of responsibility. They may feel divorces are their fault or they are responsible for taking care of parents or siblings. They may feel torn between the parents or other family members.

  • Children withdraw from others. They may have little to no interest in playing with friends. They want to be left alone all the time. They do not laugh, joke, or enjoy any activity.

  • Children cannot concentrate. They may be distracted and not follow instructions well. They may complain they cannot concentrate.

  • Children have been sad for several days to weeks. Regardless of how hard parents may try, nothing seems to make children feel better. They may cry over little as well as big things without being able to stop. They may get into trouble and break rules to show they are feeling sad.

  • Children live in the past more than the present. Children will talk about the past when loved ones were alive or the family was together. Some children cannot stop talking about the divorce, the death, or a move. Eventually, children begin talking about the present. However, when they cannot seem to focus on anything but the past, it may be time for professional counseling.

Have you noticed any of these changes in your children? If you have, a caring counselor can help your family through the difficult times. Call (248) 626-1500 today.

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