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Counseling an effective way to address adolescent behavior problems in the West Bloomfield area

Adolescent problems are nothing new. However, it does seem as though, in today's society, young people are getting into more trouble than ever, or perhaps more serious forms of trouble. Regardless of ethnicity, demographics, religion, gender, and other factors, kids today are under a great deal of pressure. At the same time, there is the age old dilemma of the teen desiring independence at the very time he or she may be in need of extra parental guidance. The various internal and external stresses felt may lead to behavioral problems.
There are a number of inappropriate behaviors exhibited by a troubled adolescent - drug or alcohol use, fighting, truancy, shoplifting, and more. The ways in which a young person behaves can be just as much of a mystery to him or her as it is to parents, teachers, and loved ones. In some instances, teens do not see the behaviors as inappropriate in the context of their experiences. Parents, on the other hand, may feel frustrated, angry, scared, hopeless, and guilty for somehow "failing" their child. Any one of these feelings is a normal response to adolescent behavior problems.

When to seek help in West Bloomfield

Perhaps the biggest question facing parents or other caregivers of a misbehaving young person is when to seek help. Rather than looking at an isolated incident, there is benefit to looking at the big picture and identifying patterns in behavior. Does the child continue on the wrong behavioral path despite efforts to address stressors and problems for appropriately? Also, are there outlying problems, such as problems in the home or at school, that may be instigating or somehow feeding bad behavior? Are peers involved in delinquent behavior as well?
In many cases, communicating with teachers, family members, and others in contact with the youth can shed light on the seriousness of the situation. Sometimes, however, a parent simply needs to trust his or her gut feeling that something serious could be going on with their child.
There are many risk factors to delinquency, but not every child follows this path. Therapy for behavior problems may identify issues that put a child at greater risk, such as a naturally volatile temperament, a learning disorder, hyperactivity problems, or even sexual development. These and other factors all play a part in how a teen feels and, subsequently, how he or she behaves.

How to handle adolescent behavior problems

Due to the prevalence and seriousness of some adolescent behaviors, there are multiple options for therapy. Parents may consider group-therapy programs or even "life experience" boot camp type programs. What we have learned through research is that family-based therapy is most effective in handling adolescent behavior problems. Working as a supportive network, a family can address specific behaviors as well as underlying stresses to facilitate positive change in the life of their child.
The team at Counseling Associates offers compassionate care for families facing adolescent behavior problems. Call today to schedule your consultation with one of our expert therapists.

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