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How a therapist can help a struggling adolescent

The teenage years can involve a variety of changes from hormones to social interactions. Parents may experience conflict with teenagers regarding curfews, friends, dating, driving privileges, clothing, hairstyles, and change in behaviors. While they may long for optimal balance and harmony, these can be trying times in a family. The team at Counseling Associates understands. At our office, parents and teenagers can find therapists for adolescents to help them navigate through various trials.

We provide several types of therapy including:
  • Individual – This type of therapy enables a teenager to meet with a therapist and discuss problems or concerns. The teenager may be asked to identify his or her feelings about various issues. The therapist will help the teenager work through the problems and may assign “homework.”

  • Family – Teenagers go to therapy with their parents, and sometimes, their siblings. This enables everyone to work through problems that affect the family. The therapist can ensure all family members can voice their concerns.

Based on an individual’s needs, we can combine different types of therapies. Some problems may be resolved quickly, whereas others may take longer. Therapy can last a few months or longer. Regardless of how long therapy may take, we can help families make progress.

How do you know if your teenager should seek professional therapy? There are various warning signs such as aggressive behavior, alcohol or drug abuse, smoking, promiscuity, runaway behavior, or breaking the law. If you have noticed any of these changes, we recommend calling our friendly and understanding team at (248) 626-1500 today.

Our therapists understand how the teenager’s brain functions and can provide assistance through troubling times. Rest assured your teenager and family will find compassion throughout therapy at our office in West Bloomfield.

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