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Therapists in West Bloomfield explain how marriage counseling can improve the relationship

When we have a cold, we often seek a remedy. We may rest or take medication until we feel better. Likewise, it is important to address whatever may ail our marriage. It could be finances, lack of communication, or the daily stresses of life that wear down the marriage. Regardless of the reason a relationship is in distress, the team at Counseling Associates in West Bloomfield can provide a remedy – marriage counseling.

Reasons to give marriage counseling a try

The goal of marriage counseling is to provide couples problem-solving tools that can help them throughout their lives, regardless of the issues they may face. A marriage counselor can also provide a unique perspective and mediate a discussion. The counselor will typically interview each spouse together and sometimes individually. Then, a treatment plan will be devised to help a couple achieve a happier, healthier relationship.

Advantages of marriage counseling

There are many benefits of marriage counseling including:
  • Learning how to resolve conflict in a healthy manner
  • Learning communication skills that will help in listening as well as processing what the spouse says
  • Learning how to state needs openly and clearly without resentment or anger
  • Learning how to be assertive without being offensive
  • Communicating needs without making demands or engaging in conflict
  • Developing a deeper understanding of personal needs as well as those of the spouse

Could your ailing marriage use a remedy? Our professional and caring therapists can help. Call (248) 626-1500.

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